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Trunkwell House

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Trunkwell House

With less than three weeks to go before her wedding, Sammy was struggling to find a supplier who could provide lanterns and fairy light strings for her marquee wedding planned at Trunkwell House.

The Hanging Lantern company were quick to suggest Sammy call us. “I can find someone to put in the fairy lights but they don’t provide lanterns” Sammy explained. “I would prefer to use a local company that could provide the fairy lights and lanterns as a package”. Understanding the vision Sammy had was important at an early stage as there are a variety of schemes suitable for a marquee – each would of course come with a different price tag!

I would like to have fairy lights from side to side where each chandelier is fitted & a mix of black / red / polka dot hanging lanterns in the central section of the marquee. How many lanterns would I need is always a question ? There is no right or wrong answer – the size & look required in terms of fullness or density are the main considerations & of course the colour scheme is a factor to also consider.

Sammy was anxious to confirm exactly what was possible & whether we could in fact deliver on her expectations. With two weeks to go Sammy confirmed she would like to use our services. In preparation for any wedding tables need to be set up , floral decorations delivered, chairs dressed etc etc. Hanging lanterns & fairy lights in the roof space or ceiling area of any venue can be awkward as ladders need to be moved around – on the day installations are possible & thanks to little tricks of the trade using innovative products we are able to work quickly. The good news for our installation team – the venue was free the day before the wedding – meant we were able to agree an early set up so as to avoid any possible disruption to other suppliers and allow the install team to go the extra mile for Sammy – a work ethic we include on every job!

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Sammy Freeland


Lanterns & Fairy Lights


"The team were greeted with a WOW it's better than I expected it's amazing. Andrea, thank you so much! I truly love what you have done! You have helped make my dream day come true!"
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